If you’ve been involved in an accident, you may end up speaking to a representative from the insurance company of the person or company responsible for your accident and injuries, the defendant(s).  This person is commonly referred to as an adjuster.  An adjuster will want a statement from you, perhaps some photographs, and maybe even some supporting medical information or employment information if you’ve missed time from work.  The adjuster may seem kind and understanding, but make no mistake; the adjuster’s job is to pay you as little as possible to settle your claim.  Courts in Canada have ruled that adjusters have no duty to be fair to you.  This means they can be untruthful or misleading, or let important deadlines pass without informing you.  They may understate the severity of your injuries, or tell you that you are entitled to much less compensation than you really are.  The best thing to do is to avoid talking to a defendant’s adjuster at all, as the things you say may later be used against you.  Instead, consult a Personal Injury Lawyer to make sure your rights are protected.   If you settle a claim on your own for $4000, you won’t owe any lawyer’s fees, but the claim may have been worth $40,000.

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