When it comes to choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer, often times your friends and family can offer invaluable advice if they have used a lawyer in the past.  Prices between Personal Injury Lawyers tend to be similar, so they end up competing on service.  It is difficult to determine what kind of service you might expect from a Personal Injury Lawyer just by that lawyer’s advertising or website.  Ask around, and try to get a personal recommendation.  It also helps to look for a firm that is well established in your community, and that has many years of experience in Personal Injury Law.  The Law Society of Alberta prohibits Alberta lawyers from claiming to be the “top” or “best” lawyer in a given area, and also prohibits claims that a lawyer is an “expert”, “specialist”, or even “aggressive”.  If you see advertising from a Personal Injury Lawyer that references these terms, it would be best to look elsewhere.

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